Alma Luz Villanueva

The other day was in the Centro by el Jardin, main plaza, shopping in a store, suddenly the sound of horns blasting, loud dance music from cars...and then the surreal sight of camels in an open top truck cruising by the plate glass window. Then enclosed trucks with tigers, one lone buffalo (where did they get the buffalo?)...hola Fellini, all on their way to a circus at the edge of town by the Gigante supermarket, and where the truly gigante Tuesday Market is held...everything under the Mexican sun for sale in the crowded stalls. The smell of so much food cooking, someone offering you a spoonful of yummy, dark, chocolate mole with a huge, joyful smile. So today when I went to Gigante, there was the circus tent, some of the tigers in their, families staring in awe. The tigers looked cared for, clean in the cages, but it still makes me sad to see these beautiful wild beings caged. No animal rights groups to free them, the camels, the buffalo...lots of skinny dogs roaming the streets...yet their presence here in San Miguel is strangely magical, forbidden. I meant to add this in 'newsletter style', now realize I'm in the wrong area, so will stop here, add a longer newsletter later. Whoever reads this, please know that San Miguel remains a Mexican town- the 'expats, gringo/​as' etc are in the minority, and now there's tigers in San about a bull fight where the bulls kept taking the capes from los matadors...QUE VIVA EL TORO...
Dia de Los Muertos, Noviembre 2006


Selected Works

Novel/poetry, The Twins
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"Written with the urgency of dreams and the courage to face whatever life brings, the poems in SOFT CHAOS cast a spell that chants mystery back into our world, revealing the fierce and tender love that has always been here. To open this book is to enter a vision where even the dust is sacred, where life's endless spiral of beauty and wonder dances in your bones, dances against the forces that would tear them to pieces, dances la vida, and survives." Peter Levitt, author of WITHIN WITHIN.
"The poetry of Alma Luz Villanueva, like her prose, is drawn from the gut, her womb, and a vital point in an intelligent woman's mind. She always speaks from the heart. She delivers to the reader the offerings of a whole human being. She sings, she rages, she lets us know that above all, the poet is a mirror to our own inner triumphs and failures." Ana Castillo, author of SO FAR FROM GOD
"This riveting volume full of lingering images and provocative, personal and political moments opens my heart and aligns me with the powerful feminine forces that continue to surge through Ms. Villanueva's writing. Her transformational journey becomes my journey. She speaks from the heart and reaches the heart." Burleigh Muten, author of RETURN OF THE GREAT GODDESS
"What I still most enjoy about Villanueva's poetry, aside from the strength of her images and the way they convey her inner life, is her voice. That voice is confident, direct, unflinching, intimate." Marie-Elise Wheatwind, from The Women's Review of Books, May 1994.
Fiction, short story collection
"LA LLORONA, the weeping woman, walks through the pages of this book as a spirit guide, someone unto whom other's sorrows flow...Villanueva shows the power of the human spirit in this disturbing and beautiful book." Library Journal, March 1, 1994.
"Villanueva's ultraviolet sky is overhead for all of us."
--Kathryn Trueblood, The Before Columbus Foundation Fiction Anthology.
"One of the most inspiring elements of this novel is the wonderful portrayal of strong women."
--Veronica Chambers, Los Angeles Times, 1994.
"Holden Caulfied meets Anne Frank in this compelling coming-of-age novel."
--Library Journal, May 2002